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Poultry Science – The Science of Poultry

Birds were among the first species of domesticated animals. It is believed that the first poultry were geese, and after them people learned to raise chickens. Then ducks, guinea fowls and turkeys began to appear in the courtyard. The most recent domesticated bird species was quail – they began to be bred only from the beginning of the 20th century.

Poultry farming is usually divided into two types – according to its goals – into meat and egg. Continue reading

Breeding and Cultivation of Nutria

Nutria is an unpretentious fur-bearing animal from South America.

One of the most peaceful pets is the nutria. The animal that lives on the banks of rivers is now gaining great popularity in domestication and breeding. Nutria are native to South America, the Indians called them “koipu” and hunted them for meat. In Spanish, nutria means otter, although it is a completely different animal. Nutria is called a marsh beaver, but it differs from a beaver in that it has membranes on its paws and a flat tail without hair. In the water, only the head is visible in the beaver, and in the nutria also the back. In nature, nutria are very calm, but they are afraid of humans and aggressively protect the young, so it is better not to tease the female. Continue reading

Highlights When Breeding Rabbits

Choosing to breed rabbits at home as an additional income, you can get delicious dietary low-allergenic meat, the quality of which will depend only on you, and good financial returns with established product markets.

Keeping rabbits does not require a large investment of money – with proper skill, the cages for keeping animals can be made by yourself. Continue reading

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